Easy Mehndi Design for Kids

Simple and Easy Mehndi Design for Kids to try in 2023

Simple and Easy Mehndi Design for Kids to try in 2020 -Mehndi is an inseparable part of traditional rituals and festivals. Mehndi, being the most important event before the wedding, is a full-night wedding event in Asia. Maintaining the importance of the ritual, it is also a fun event for the bride and all family members, especially the children love the mehndi designs to draw their name. Mehndi is no longer just the bride’s thing in which all attention is paid to the bride.

Easy Mehndi Design for Kids

Children, along with other housewives, participate with all their emotion, although sometimes they lack the fun due to limited designs. So, we thought about sharing some mehndi projects for their children, making the event so special for them.  While women of all ages abandon themselves to this wonderful art, children often get lost because there are very few designs suitable for their little hands.

Beautiful Mehndi Design for Kids:

Mehndi is not only loved by adults but also by children in many cases due to the amount of creativity it offers. Children like how you can create multiple designs with a henna cone and stay for much longer than a pen or marker. Mehndi is considered auspicious and organic; Many parents choose to apply easy mehndi designs for children for weddings and other family functions.

Children are children and do not have much patience to sit through the mehndi app. Therefore, whenever the drawings of children are made in the hands and feet of children, the class in simplicity is more distinctive. One of the main reasons why adults choose mehndi for children is their harmless nature. Children can lose a jewel, get hurt or end up breaking it, but mehndi is so strong that once it dries, it will not cause damage and, therefore, will not impede any activity.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why children often love mehndi, so we discovered more creative and beautiful mehndi designs for children with images. It is such an incredible sight to look at the hands of girls. The clothes are in beautiful dresses, shorts, and lehengas, they look so cute and sweet. The same impact is there, in fact, double, once mehndi did it in his little hands.

Simple Mehndi Design for Kids:

Simple Mehndi Design for Kids

Here we show you some fantastic mehndi designs for kids that will bring a little glitter and glamor to their greedy hands:

As we all know, the famous mehndi designs have been converted and all women would like to apply them on hands and feet. In addition to adults, children are more interested in doing projects with their little hands. Although the school may have prohibited the hands of mehndi, the children are not left behind. They expect summers and domestic functions so that they can fulfill their desire to apply mehndi. The largest ceremony before the wedding and one night contain a ritual to apply mehndi not only to the bride but also to other members of the family. Simple Mehndi Design for Kids is available online and can be designed in your hands.


Mehndi Design for kids hands can be filled with simple Mehndi designs that are made just for children, like a large flower drawn in the center of the palm and left aside. Easy Mehndi Designs is available for small hands. Children are always enthusiastic about sitting and drawing pictures; It does not take hours for your hands to be too small to fill with mehndi. If the mehndi of the bride is an attraction, even the children's mehndi tattoo is the center of attention of the show. Sometimes, due to some projects, children do not like to use mehndi. We have done everything possible to show you the latest Mehndi Designs so that you can also have fun with other members.

Some detailed Mehndi Design for Kids information is below:

Even if you wrote your name with mehndi on your hands, you would be happy and scamper to show off your tattoo design. The hands of the princess cannot take care of a tattoo designed in detail, so we have the Arabic designs of Mehndi for children that are easy and simple with only one line in the palm and it's over.

Easy Mehndi Design for Kids

~ For those little hands, we need to make simple but nice mehndi designs. Only one flower in the middle of the palm forming a full circle and then the triangular shapes around the flower. Small spots nearby or maybe heart-shaped tattoos will be perfect for them. The design is very easy to create and requires a minimum amount of time.

Suitable for which function: suitable for festivals or casual family functions

Combine with: Couple with small bracelets or bracelets.

Art Mehndi Design for Kids:

For the back of mehndi, you can make a flower towards the edge of the hand. Apply glitter to fill the form. The shape of the flower can also be given at the tips of the fingers and the spaces are filled with brightness. The shine has always attracted children, so they definitely look without hesitation. Bling is the latest trend in children's mehndi design. It can go from sparkles to crystals and even shine, which makes it attractive for children. In this way, they can show their mehndi designs to their friends and make them even more elegant and glamorous. While I add shine to mehndi for children; The hands sound innovative, but do not overdo it because it will ruin the simplicity of the design. Keep it simple and sober instead of exaggerating.

Suitable for what function: suitable for a family function

Combine with: match it with any Indo-western or traditional outdo.

Make a sunflower on the right side near the thumb on the back of the hand and then make small dots, spiral stars to give an outline and fill in the blanks between them. The shape of the flower also looks like a firecracker that explodes in the sky, making children excited. These types of small mehndi designs are perfect for children who love flowers.

Suitable for what function: ideal for parties or children's parties

Combine it with: it will be fine with any favorite attire in Indo-Western

Floral Kids Mehndi Design:

Making the spirals with the fine pointed cone at one end of the palm up to the index finger and then giving them flower shapes that fill the form is also a simple but elegant design. Most mehndi flower designs definitely attract children. The design can also be recreated with little, yes, making them look like little seahorses or snails.

Suitable for what function: suitable for parties or family functions

Combine with: combine western or traditional clothing.

If your child is someone who loves mehndi, then you might consider making a flower in the center of the palm and then filling it with traditional figures. Also, create some shapes on the tips of your fingers to complete the mehndi design. Children always play with colors, that's why this red mehndi attracts them.

Suitable for the function: Suitable for family functions and parties

Combine: Wear traditional Indo-western clothing and small earrings.

Arabic Mehndi Design for Kids:

It is a simple Arabic mehndi design for a child who covers the last finger with a mehndi design. It is an ideal design because children do not feel much time to complete the whole scheme. The tiny hands of a child with the mehndi design seem incredible. When a small child puts mehndi in his hand and uses lehenga for any double function, he will look really cute. All parents would love to love their baby with mehndi.

Suitable for what function: suitable for parties and festivals

Combine it with: combine it with Indo-Western dresses.

Those guys who do not like to fill their whole hand with mehndi, it's a simple mehndi design for them. It is a suitable design for a child because some children remove the mehndi before it dries. Although it is simple to design but beautiful. He only looks like a mehndi designer. A very fine job requires a lot of time. It looks great for a wedding function.

Suitable for what function: apply this mehndi for family weddings.

Combine it with: combine it with a traditional dress.

Geometric Mehndi Design for Kids:

A circle has been made with small intricate details of curves and points in the center of the palm. At the top of the fingers, there are small flowers along with stitches and chessboard motifs. Circles and stitches have been used mainly in this simple mehndi design for children's hands. This seems a particularly suitable design for every occasion.

Suitable for which function: this design is ideal for family and Diwali functions

Combine it with: combine it with your child's favorite dress.

A simple but subtle mehndi design for children is this design with flowers, leaves and peacock motifs. The design is easy to recreate and can be applied quickly so that the child does not feel too restless. The tips of the fingers remained simple with curves, tears, and stitches in a model.

Suitable for what function: suitable mainly for family functions.

Combine it with: combine it with a traditional dress and a headband with flowers.

Leaves Mehndi Design for Kids:

A curve was made on the back of the hand with small leaves that rose in the middle and the petals of the flowers. Small dots and tears are made around the design to complete this cute mehndi design by hand. Your child would like to show this simple and creative mehndi design.

Suitable for what function: ideal for parties and family functions.

Combine it with: Wear Indo-Western clothing to look perfect.

There are many other designs that can adorn the hands of your little princess, but even more options, more confusion. Show this to your child and let him choose a design for himself. These are the simplest, so the mehndi function remains easy and pleasant for both. After all, it's about having fun with the family, right?

Elegant Kids Mehndi Designs:

It includes small circles, floral motifs, dot patterns and lines that show leaves. The fingertips are common for years and have continued to date for drawings in the hands of children. Mehndi cartoons are for those who are super anxious and can not wait for the mehndi to be done. Just create a cartoon in the middle and leave the rest of the hand. It's simple but creative for children and you would definitely love to show off your tattoo.

Elegant Kids Mehndi Designs

The following is the design and the floral patterns, the short lines that join the adjacent designs, cover the tips of the fingers. These simple designs are good for your impatient child. Children always love flowers, hearts or stars. They have always been looking for such designs wherever they go. Drawing a tattoo of this type on your hands would be appropriate with the paisley pattern on the wrist with random patterns.

Beautiful Kids Mehndi Designs:

The beautiful Mehndi children's designs are those created for adults a little older or who can sit down for a while to complete the design. They are the ones who are patient and enjoy the style and designs made in their hands. You can make flowers, petals and fill your fingers because they will not ruin the tattoo. This design is a great option for many occasions, especially during weddings. The Arabic mehndi style is also new for children or teenagers. Even teenagers like the Arabic style that has a minimalist design and their hands are not completely covered. They begin with the wrist and cover the transverse line of the palm to the tip of the first finger.

Beautiful Kids Mehndi Designs

They consist of floral patterns, patterns in the shape of a bracelet, that make your little hands look more beautiful. There are many designs made for children and seniors who can decorate their hands but are more confused about which to decide by the hands of children. It would be better to show them what design to choose for their own hands instead of getting into trouble later after applying Mehndi. We can not try mehndi or shine of color on your hands, as they could damage the skin leaving scars or rashes. With fun, it is also important to see that children do not have the sensation of itchy hands. Some skin allergies can occur if they are not exposed to such ingredients that are used to make the mehndi tattoo. It can leave a bad allergy on the skin and children cannot stand that pain. Better be careful.

Precautions to be taken:

We all know how children are loved by all parents. But it is important and logical that each parent makes sure that the application of mehndi does not cause a negative reaction in the children. As a point of reference, never make the mistake of using black henna. Did you know that natural henna, dark reddish brown, is never available in black? If you choose black henna, it can be very dangerous for your skin because it has a harmful additive paste that contains PPD. Find it and avoid it at all costs, since it is lethal for both children and adults.

When it comes to putting mehndi design for children, the important thing is to allow them to exploit creativity and imagination. It should be a fun-based issue, as this could lead to the emergence of new projects. Start replicating these fashion designs with henna in your chubby fashion girl and see how it looks absolutely irresistible.

More tips on Kids Mehndi Designs:

~Be sure to use only one brand of organic or reliable henna for young children.

~Do not apply elaborate mehndi designs to children's hands, as they can be uncomfortable, spicy and restless.

~Choose a design that is attractive to children because they tend to get bored and easily irritated so they can wash immediately.

~Do a small test on the henna of the skin before applying the complete design to make sure they are not allergic to the content.

~Place only the palms of the hands while applying the design by applying it to other parts such as the feet, as this may limit their movements.


The Mehndi design for children should be simple but elegant since I do not like mehndi with all hands. They just like the simple, small and imaginative design. They are not ready to put the mehndi at hand. Sometimes, even school rules prevent children from putting mehndi. Children have their imaginative world, so they also love the mehndi that gives color to their imagination. There must be something innovative for the design of mehndi for children. Also, the mehndi you are applying should be free of chemicals. Therefore, mehndi designs for children should be elegant and creative that inspire them to have mehndi in their hands.

Share with us how exciting it was to make mehndi on the hands and feet of children. Read more about Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands, Easy Mehndi Designs.