Simple and Easy Jewelry Mehndi Designs

Simple and Easy Jewelry Mehndi Designs for Hands

Jewelry mehndi designs– Mehndi designs are a traditional part of our life for many years. This tradition is widespread throughout the world, not just in India. Once upon a time, it was only used by women in India. This type of Mehandi (Henna) design is also called as a tattoo in other countries. Mehandi plans to support in India, Pakistan and Arab countries. In those countries of peoples, there are traditional cultures. They feel very happy to celebrate their festivals and happy moments with this type of mehndi design. Mehendi is the most beloved design of all women there. Limited to traditions and conventions, however, henna designs are truly cryptic. They characterize and emphasize female spontaneity. Generally used during celebrations and wedding events, Mehendi’s designs are currently basically designed to decorate the palms, more or less as tattoos

History of mehndi tradition:

Jewelry Mehndi Designs

At first, the Mehandi (Henna) design is called Mehandika. Mehandika is written in the Hindu religious books of Veda and Karma Shastra, now this is called Mehandi design or henna drawings. At each wedding event, the obligatory bride and groom make their hands and feet with Mehandi’s designs. After using these Mehndi designs, they are doing their housework and meeting with neighbors in search of a great party and function. Mehandi’s designs are important for women and university students. Some of them look beautiful and beautiful. We can use them for our ornament for our hands and feet. Now a day is a fashion and a new trend. In ancient times it is used only in marriages, festivals and religious programs of pooja, but now it is used in all kinds of happy moments.

Different kinds of Jewelry Mehndi Designs:

Simple and Easy Jewelry Mehndi Designs

Now, one day we can see so many types of designs, thousands of models, like several models of books, Photoshop drawings, and artists, but Mehndi’s drawings look good. About 650 BC to 700 years BC was used for hands and feet. It is better supported in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. In India, Kolkatta, Haryana, Panjab, Delhi, Hyderabad, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are used artistically.

In ancient times, even the queens used it with the help of good designers. They gave a fee as decorations if the tails were attracted by the Mehndi design. Some families depend on this design for their animated hood. It is a progression for them. In this way, we can get an idea of the importance of Mehndi design.

Simple Jewelry Mehndi Designs

We can see this Mehndi design as dust or cone Mehandi Mehandi. In the design of Mehandi, different types of Mehandi designs of nature we can create our designs.

Various Jewelry Mehndi Designs:

Drawings of nature mehndi, Mehandi animal design, Drawings of mehndi flowers, Mehandi tree plans.

Elegant Jewelry Mehndi Pattern

Growing Designs, Beautiful Flower Designs, Pink Flower Designs, Golden Design Baskets, Blue Bell Designs, Black Eye Flower Designs, Gold Button Bottom Designs, Sunflower Designs and a series of flower designs are available Beautiful colorful dance Peacock Mehandi designs, small flying birds, dangerous flying birds Mehandi designs, large elephants Mehandi drawings, beautiful deer jumping Mehandi, horse running Mehandi designs, lion roaring Mehandi drawings, rivers Mehandi drawings, Indian village girls Drawings of Mehandi, village Mehandi’s designs look very beautiful and wonderful in the hands. Mehndi Designs simple and elegant: Mehndi looks excellent. It is not like this? It has a discreet shadow and a nice plot. Above all, simple Indian mehndi designs are easy to draw. They do not take long and, unlike other types of tattoos and skin dyes, these basic mehndi designs are temporary in nature.

Jewelry mehndi designs for hands:

Jewelry Mehndi Pattern

This type of mehndi jewelry is appreciated by people who do not like to fill their hands with mehndi. You will get a different color and texture in these types of handmade jewelry mehndi design on the back. Undoubtedly these designs are simple but they are also more attractive. We all like to be different, we all know it. These elegant mehndi designs for handmade jewelry on the back will give you a fantastic, elegant and different look. These designs will be elegant in your hands and will give you an attractive and fantastic look. You only need 5 minutes to apply these beautiful mehndi designs. Also, no expert is needed to apply these mehndi designs. These designs are best for small and double parties.

Stylish jewelry mehndi for backhand:

This design starts from the wrist and then moves forward covering a small area of the backhand. The late form of this mehndi must be absolutely perfect since the beauty of its design will depend on this late form. You can also apply nail polish to make your mehndi more attractive and unique. The Mehndi cone that you will use for this mehndi design should be slim, soft and comfortable.

Simple check jewelry mehndi design:

This is a fantastic mehndi design of plaid jewelry on the back. This design has 2 unique circles with small control design. This design gives your hands an attractive appearance. The decoration of small and indexes makes an elegant and intelligent mehndi design. It is a perfect design for weddings and parties. Combining original gold jewelry, this jewelry mehndi design will give you a perfect look.

Jewelry box design for both sides of hands:


This is one of the simplest and most beautiful mehndi designs for beginners. Everyone can easily apply this fantastic mehndi design. I made this design for the front and back. Both are beautiful, but you can apply whatever you want. I try to keep this mehndi jewelry design as simple as possible so that all mehndi lovers can apply this design to the front and back.

Diamond cut jewelry designs:

Beautiful Jewelry Mehndi Design

Get the traditional mehndi look in a unique way this season! Bracelet designs, finger rings, and handcuffs are some designs inspired by the jewelry that is in fashion this season. Get the shape of your favorite jewelry and jump the real jewel! Without mehndi and jewelry, an ethnic Indian dress is incomplete, so combine the two and you only have one!

Half & Half:

Jewellery Mehndi Design

This is a beautiful mehndi design and it also looks adorable! Half of the half, only half of the hand is applied. The mehndi is applied vertically or horizontally. Perfect design if you do not want to exaggerate and keep it to a minimum!

The side of the hands:

Easy Jewelry Mehndi Design

Now, this is the trend that I like the most! Give a modern touch to traditional designs. In this trend, mehndi is applied right on the edge of the hand, leaving the rest intact. In this trend, you can choose between floral prints or paisley! Perfect for those looking for simple mehndi designs.

Finger jewelry pattern:

Gorgeous Jewelry Mehndi Designs

An interesting mehndi trend that does not take time to apply and looks beautiful too! In this design, you see mehndi only on the fingers and nowhere else. This may look like a messy mehndi design, but it is something unique and you should try it if you like obsolete design projects. Points, loops and small geometric patterns are some ideas for this mehndi trend.

Cut-out designs:

Jewelry Cut-out designs Mehndi Designs

It is not necessary to always fill the flowers or the paisley pattern with stripes or dots, try to leave them empty and this will open the way for a new mehndi design. To make it more attractive, try to have dark and thick edges. You can go for small cuts by drawing only the edges of the leaves. Or choose a large cut that has a U-shaped or V-shaped edge spread all over the hand.

Subtle designs:

Cut out Jewelry Mehndi Design

For people who are allergic to mehndi and who still love it in their hands, this mehndi design is for you. Just a simple and simple design like a rose or a small mandala or a mixed pattern of lines and dots. You can have them on your fingers or just on one finger and the rest on the back of your hand.

Climbing  patterns:

Climbing  patterns Jewelry Mehndi Design

Here is another one for those who do not like too complicated designs. You can simply have a simple climber or climbers on a project of your choice. Go to the Mountaineers! The minimal designs that are made with sharpness give the best with only curves and leaves.

Finger glove art:

Jewelry Finger Mehndi Design

Like the glove with your fingers covering your finger, this mehndi design is similar to that! You can do it with one finger and keep it simple. Or create intricate designs of jajay on all fingers and let the rest of the hand do nothing. Jalli works and the lace designs work perfectly with just one finger.

Chandelier motifs:

This mehndi design could be perfect for Diwali. You can have a simple lamp or the design of a chandelier and rock your special occasion!

The beautiful Mehndi designs help make girls look more amazing than before. Here in my blog only girls things, I have a great selection of many wonderful Mehndi designs. Because there are most of the Mehndi designs offered for you. Mehndi design images, easy and wonderful, are available in many types, such as black, red, dark brown, peach and gloss. In case you are organizing an exclusive occasion or festival, you have produced some amazing and simple Mehndi drawings for you. Let me know which of my new Mehndi designs you preferred a lot.

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Mehndi designs are actually less than any trick that is expensive. The beautiful tradition of using Mehndi or Henna is essential for each holiday season. The happiness of days like Eid, in addition to the marriages of Karva Chauth, is revealed using the design scent and the colorful Mehndi seals on our hands and wrists, as well as the legs.