Bridal Mehndi designs

Top Bridal Mehndi Designs collection to try in 2023

Top Bridal Mehndi Designs collection to try in 2020– Mehndi designs are one of the authentic models that are loved by young women of all ages. At first, only the Asian and Arab ladies wanted to decorate their hands and feet with mehndi. Currently, also in Western nations, it is recognized as a type of tattoo that women take advantage of to catch up with their arms and back. Marriage seems to lack mehndi in light of the fact that it is an old custom of all Asian countries, and is followed by all women in Asia.

Bridal Mehndi designs

It offers uniqueness to the greatness of a companion who attracts a distinctive character towards him, as it gives an immense appearance to the marriage. There are several textures and nuances of mehndi. However, three of them are the best known, in which Arabic is the most widespread, which are extremely compatible and necessary. Also, towards the end, you decide to choose the favorite mehndi style that you like the most. The young women are very inspired by the mehndi drawings for hands and feet that will be applied in the nikah and walima days and also in the mehndi function.

Best Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Every young woman has to look incredibly beautiful and bright at the arrival of her wedding, so here are all the designs for the wedding. In case you are looking for mehndi drawings on your hands, fingers, feet or wrist, here is something for you.

What a bride wants on her wedding day; To look beautiful and pretty. Mehandi is an integral part of our Indian culture. On any occasion, the design of mehndi on hands and feet is considered auspicious and auspicious. Especially for a girl who is going to be a girlfriend. Perhaps in every Indian culture, the mehndi occupies a special place. And beyond any occasion, today you can see the hand of the girls treated by mehndi as a way to make fashion. There are many different easy mehndi designs that you can try for your wedding. The type of mehndi and the design you want depends on you.

Although you might be confused when you see so many drawings. Choose the one you like the most. Some girls also have the initials of their beaus drawn on their hands. A way to show love choose the best bridal Mehndi designs in 2019 for your wedding and ceremonies and be the queen of your wedding, even if you already are! And Mehandi is not just for future brides. Anyone can have it, even the boys. In the days of the King's men and Maharaja, some even today, in some Indian traditions, men can also use mehndi. So this henna has traveled from the old days of disguises and rituals to the latest fashions of today.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Mehndi artists shared, “Often when I do henna weddings, they ask me "Is your henna color coming out dark? I really want my mother-in-law to love me". While people know the correlation of the color of henna with the love of the mother-in-law, many people do not know where this legend comes from.

Elegant Bridal Mehndi designs

This legend goes back to ancient times when women were taught to be subjugated and not to express their opinions. When she was a married bride, the color of her henna was an indicator of how her mother-in-law was treating her. She could be accepted as a girlfriend and have time to adjust to her new job at home or work immediately with her mother-in-law.

More about Bridal Mehndi Designs:

After a few days in which the girl returned to her parents' houses for the usual rituals after marriage, the mother of the bride knew it by looking at her daughter's henna, if her daughter was well treated in her new home. If the henna was still on, it meant that her mother-in-law loved and gave her respect for a newly-married bride; If her henna was fading, then her mother-in-law had put her to work immediately.


Another question that brides often ask me is: "Why is the name of the spouses written in the henna of the bride?" At the time when marriages were organized, the couple did not have the opportunity to see each other before marriage. Usually, the first night of the wedding was the first time the bride and groom met. The boyfriend's name was written on the bride's henna to break the ice to start a conversation when the boyfriend asked him to find his name in his hand.

Elegant bridal mehndi designs:

Today, things are different, since wives know each other very well, but I like to continue this tradition and spread the name of the groom in the henna of the bride. I tell the girlfriend that if she can not find her name in henna, she should receive a gift from him, an idea that thrills all the brides. In some cultures, the henna of the bride comes from the groom's house, or they have a ceremony in which they apply henna to the bride and dress her in clothes and jewelry. There is a saying in Hindi, "Humare called me it sounded like Jaana" in the sense that we want you to get colored in our colors. Applying his henna to the bride is a way of signifying that they welcome the future bride to her family and accept her as their own.


When you have to choose your favorite Mehandi 2019 design from among many, maybe you get confused but do not need it. It's so easy to choose your favorite. Choose what you like about personal aesthetics and taste if it is intricate, simple or wrist for your forearm or any other. A design that defines you, has it with your hands. If you want to look for other mehndi designs, you can also see them on Instagram and Pinterest. So you see that simple. When it is completely drawn, show it to your love for life and you should see how beautiful your wife is. In addition to this, you can customize any design. You can also hire the mehndi artist for the perfect draw.

Easy Mehndi Designs for Newbie

Here are some Mehandi wedding designs in 2019 that are popular. Look at what you like for your wedding. Guests are also welcome to choose.

Floral motif mehndi designs:

Floral motif mehndi designs

Spectacular performances of captivating mehndi floral designs are evident in this spectacular mehndi. This extraordinary mehndi design has an elegant elegance of fascinating botanical examples. Along with contours of energetic colors, amazing mirrors and a wonderful scroll planning are expanding, even more, the style of this fantastic mehndi design. The flowers are considered a neutral motif to wear, as they are designed to match any wedding dress. This model is all floral and completely fabulous. The tiny leaves accentuate the long fingers of the bride and the large floral design is shaded to create depth. With petals and vines of various sizes, the design seems very delicate, but intriguing.

The Paisley printed bridal mehndi style:

The paisley print is a timeless classic. Curved motifs come in many forms, such as the famous mango design. The design has nice paisley on the fingertips and larger paisley on the palm. The sinuous tips add a fluid flow to the design, while the complex lines emphasize the symmetry. The astounding splendor of the captivating paisley design is prominent in this wonderful mehndi. This deeply fascinating mehndi design is extraordinarily brilliant in its celestial and impeccably created modernity for modern high-end ladies. To create a suggestive wonder at your fingertips, this rich configuration of mehndi articulation is wonderfully amazing.

Gorgeous Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Full Hand Bridal Mehndi designs

This beautiful mehndi floral design is not symmetrical in both hands, so you can try all the contours. In this plane, the pointer has more meaning. The substantial botanical issue in the back of the palm distracts attention. The flowers are filled using the shading strategy. Along with the flowers, the design also uses leaf themes.

The Royal Architectural designs:

This henna design will remind you of the detailed architectural drawings found in an old Mughal palace. The domes and floral designs recall the carved drawings on the cemented pillars of a royal residence. The main objective of this design is the pattern checkered and divided, very similar to a tapestry, but we can not ignore the paisley and the petals on the wrist and fingers, because they are also very attractive. It is very easy to be hypnotized by the model of this wedding design

The Raja and Rani Pattern:

The Raja Rani Design

The reason why Raja and rani are very common in mehndi wedding designs. This project shows a work of art of a king and queen of the Mughal era. Complex motifs have been designed around the two faces to highlight the focal point of the design.

The elephant styled designs:

The elephant style Mehendi is one of the most beloved Indian wedding mehndi designs. The curvilinear and wavy motifs add a distinctive touch to the design, keeping the feet decorated, but not so much that the elephants go unnoticed. The design of the elephant is unique and different from common motifs such as peacocks and floral motifs

Peacock passion pattern:

Peacock passion pattern

The elegant and surprising design of the peacock is incorporated into most of the wedding refinements of India, from bindis to lehengas and, of course, even henna designs! A peacock design with elaborate feathers can easily be incorporated into other patterns and floral motifs. On the other hand, the grace of the long neck of the peacock and the beautiful feathers is undoubtedly unbeatable.

The swirl design:

The swirl mehndi design

This curvy design is done on each finger, leaving a blank space between the palm and the fingers. The swirls and paisley pattern with dot accents form a classic design for the brides who want to sport mehndi but want it to be minimal.

The Asymmetric design:

Asymmetric design Mehndi

Sometimes, mehndi designs do not have to be filled with coordinated and symmetric patterns. The beauty can reside in the singularity of an asymmetric pattern with drawings of vines and floral motifs in all hands. Neither the design of the fingers nor the design of the dolls is compatible with the rest of the design of the hands. Only a few repeated symbols are used everywhere. Such designs give the opportunity to experiment.

The checkered pattern:

This example is an impressive method to bring up the configuration of mehndi and is normally used to provide a respite to the repetitiveness of complicated general examples. The example can be cleverly used to overcome holes in other Mehendi schemes.

Bridal feet mehndi design:

Bridal feet Mehndi design

Brides must have mehndi in the most prominent part of their body that also includes their feet. So, here is a mehndi design for the feet of the bride, where you can see that a lot of mehndi has been put on to cover the entire skin. The feet of a bride is something that every person knows, so they should not be left alone and an equally beautiful mehndi should be applied. As you can see in the image, the whole foot is covered with mehndi, which makes it incredible.

Bridal feet Mehndi designs

Trendy & Simple Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Immediately after your wedding, discard your wedding dress, bridal jewelry, and all other things as if they were obsolete. But one thing that remains with you for a long time is your girlfriend Mehandi. The application of Mehandi to the hands and feet of the bride is an indispensable part of the Mehandi ceremony at Indian weddings. For a future bride, it is a symbol of love for her prince charming and, according to rituals, it is a sign of good omen. In addition, the Mehandi ceremony is the only ceremony in which a bride has the opportunity to sit quietly, away from her phone and the hustle and bustle of wedding preparation and savor moments of joy with her loved ones.

Full Bridal Mehndi designs

In addition to being a ritual, Mehandi has its medicinal meaning. The immense stress of preparation for marriage and nervousness before marriage can cause minor physical and mental problems, such as body aches, mental exhaustion, etc. The green henna paste helps to exterminate stress and quickly cool the tense body. Just talk about the predominance and properties of the mehndi. Let's go directly to the fascinating marriage of the Mehandi designs we have compiled for you.

Simple Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Mehandi's simple designs are very popular with girls and future brides. When you have nothing else to choose from, Mehandi's simple designs are the last option. In Indian festivals, Mehandi is usually drawn on the hands, legs and upper part of the palm. Mehandi is considered a sign of good luck and future brides who apply Mehandi embody the affection for the groom and his family. Mehandi's simple design includes a wide variety of beautiful and wonderful designs that can amplify the overall look of your wedding and can turn some heads into marriage. You can apply simple mehndi designs on your hand, on your feet, on your palm, on your legs and even on your shoulder to decorate your body and your wedding appearance.

If you want to keep things simple and low profile, opt for Mandala Mehandi and Mehandi designs. But if your goal is to take the best nuggets of bridal appearance, it is worth considering the lotus design, the Arabic and the elaborate designs of Mehandi. To give the Mehandi a more mature appearance, it is necessary to take care of some things. First, make the Mehandi paste using dry henna and store it for a considerable period of time to make the Mehandi richer in color. After applying the Mehandi, store it for at least 7-8 hours to obtain a darker color.

Taking care of your bridal mehndi:

Contrary to the belief that the mehndi should be performed one day before your event, it is best to do it 2-3 days before. Mehendi reaches its peak color approximately 48 hours after it has been removed. If you are not familiar with the mehndi artist, you should always do a test with them. This allows you to verify the quality of the design and the color of the mehndi. I often tell my clients to do it, but the influence of others leaves them uninformed. A process ensures and reiterates what I am recommending.

Some important steps to follow to get a good Mehndi color :

Ask the artist if he is mixing his own mehndi or if he is using prefabricated cones. The prefabricated cones are usually full of chemicals and the color can be risky. If the artist is mixing his own mehndi, be sure to follow his instructions just because they know what works best to get the best spot. The mehndi wedding cake should be used for a minimum of 6 hours. If I do my girlfriend's mehndi at night, I ask her to keep it all night. If it is done during the day, the bride can take it off at night.

A solution of lemon and sugar should be applied 2-3 times. If this is exaggerated, it can lead to killing the Mehendi scrub sometimes.

If the mehndi ends at night, I ask the bride to go to sleep to wrap the design in toilet paper like a mother. The old school belief is that the mehndi must be wrapped in plastic bags. This is a myth. With the plastic wrapped around the hands and feet, there is no air circulation and this releases a lot of moisture that can ruin the design. The toilet paper circulates the air and makes the bride feel confident that the design will not fall on the sheets.

How to get a good Mehndi color:

If the bride cools easily, it is advisable to sit in a warm area to do the mehndi. Mehendi lowers body temperature and allows a comfortable environment. The heat also helps dry Mehendi faster and there is less chance of accidents. The more heat you give your darker mehndi it becomes. When the mehndi is removed, it should not be washed but scraped. Once scraped, put a little oil (preferably mustard for the heat factor) and gently massage over the design. This will eliminate all the viscosity of the lemon sugar. You can erase it with a paper towel. Keep the Mehendi away from the water for at least 2-3 hours after it has been scrapped.

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Please remember:

~ The palms become darker than the arms and feet.

~If the mehndi quality is not good, even with all the above instructions, your Mehndi will not get the optimum color. For a wonderful design and stains, it is always good to hire a reputable artist who mixes his own Mehndi and guides him through a complete post-therapy process.

To Asians, Mehndi means the link between love and marriage, and the promise that both spouses will remain wholeheartedly for life. Being considered a shotgun, there are many superstitions around this pre-wedding ceremony. Let's look at some of them!

One is that as long as the Mehndi does not fade, the bride does not have to do any domestic work. The darker the color of the mehndi in the bride's hand, the deeper the love between the bride and groom will be. Color also represents love and understanding between the bride and her in-laws. The longer the mehndi color remains in the hands of the bride, the more it is a good omen for the newly married couple. It is also considered a symbolic representation of fertility!

These are some of the best mehndi wedding designs if you are planning a traditional wedding. They will complete your wedding sari or lehenga perfectly. I hope you enjoyed the mehndi designs. What are you going to try? Share your opinions in the comments box below.